Friday, April 27, 2012

Five Minute Friday-Community

Ok, so I've started following this blog recently. She had a blog post for the moms of daughters, of which I am one now (which by the way, is still very strange to me, but anyway) about how there will always be mean girls, but talked about how to deal with them in a way that touched my heart and made me want to be that kind of mom. So, on her blog, she takes part in 5 Minute Friday, where you write for five minutes, with no editing, no rewriting, just free writing on the topic of the week. I hope I'm doing this right with the linking thing....if not, someone comment (nicely please), and let me know what to fix. This week's topic is Community. Here goes:

Community. Such a funny word. I'm a part of lots of communities-my work, my friends, my church, my family. Groups of people who may or may not overlap at some points throughout my life. But without it, what are we left with? If you are not in community with someone, what do you do with your life? I've been thinking about the community I have within my small group. This group of people are all in different phases in their lives. Some are empty nesters, some are parents with children in high school, some are unmarried, and then there is us-a young married couple with a toddler. Seemingly a haphazard group, but the best community I could be in at this point in my life. I know that this community is there to meet every need my family has. Just this week, we were checking in with each other about the needs we were all having-financial, spiritual, emotional-the whole gamut. THIS is community-when they put your needs above their own. "Can we do something? Watch Gracelynn for you, walk the dog, take you out to dinner, help you....whatever you need." This is true community. This is how God has called us to live-not the superficial, "Hey, how are you....good, ok me too", but the deep, messy," Help, we can't pay this bill this month, could you help us out", or "Help, my life is falling apart because of.....". That my friends, is community.

Ok, that wasn't so bad.

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