Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas is coming!!

Christmas is coming!! We are so excited that Christmas is finally here. Things are going well for us. We are so blessed and have little to complain about. We are currently at Ben's parents for a few days. This morning we gave Kristin a baby shower for Maverick and Goose (the twins). She got a lot of nice gifts and we had a good time with everyone who came. Millie is with us and is a little unsure about Barrett, Sarah and Demetri's baby, but she is being extremely well behaved. The whole family is here for the first time since Barrett was born, so things are a bit crowded, but we are crammed in and having fun. We will be heading to TN on Tuesday, and are hoping to see a little snow while we are there. Currently, the power is iffy and it could be interesting. Will try to keep everyone posted....because I know so many people read this...hahaha!!