Saturday, May 5, 2012

This hurts me more than it hurts you...

We had church tonight (big surprise here). It's our spring musical and there was a video about how God takes his chisel and molds and shapes each one of us to be more like him. The two men, one is God and the other is being chiseled, are talking about how much it will hurt. The man playing God says, "It hurts me more than it hurts you." As I listened, I thought about all the times I heard that phrase, both as a kid and now as an adult, and especially, now as a parent. But, this saying is so true. When I'm disciplining G, it does hurt me. The temporary pain she feels from a swat on the hand or leg is almost instantly over, but my mommy heart hurts. It hurts me that my child is, at this point mostly because of her age and inexperience, willfully disobeying me when I tell her for the tenth time not to stick her fingers in the dog dish or not to throw toys in the trash can (this has happened) or whatever the action is. But isn't this so true of my relationship with my heavenly father? Don't I continue to repeat the same, willfully disobedient actions as my child, even though I've been told no and warned? And yet, just like G, I'm surprised when I receive a "swat" or something to get my attention and then cry and pout because I got caught. Oh easily entangled in it are we. But then, after time to think and reflect, don't I (and God) take our beloved child in our arms and say to them, "I love you, no matter what." Even if you stick your hand in the dog bowl, or climb the stairs when no one is watching, or tell little lies to make others happy. Glad God is here to help me through the hurt and loves me enough to want me to be better. P.S. I know I missed five minute Friday. I'll try to do a six minute Sunday instead. Have to make it through this musical first. :)

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